’Stasis’ by Trine Søndergaard, Hatje Cantz

This Year’s Most Beautiful Art Books


Slowly but steadily, 2014 is drawing to a close. Once again it was a year full of a variety of outstanding art book publications, providing us with extensive material to discuss in our Library section. Today we would like to present two artists books that have achieved special recognition this year. Both publications show works of photographers and have been awarded as one of the most beautiful German Books of 2014 – well deserved as we think.

J’ai perdu ma tête by Peter Granser, Edition Taube

The first artist book of Peter Granser with Edition Taube is based on his work J’ai perdu ma tête realized five years ago in the closed ward “2c” of the psychiatric clinic “Centre hospitalier spécialisé de Navarre à Évreux” in France. Through his photographs, Peter Granser opens countless windows on a world that is unknown and consequently feared and set-aside – intentionally or not. On 104 pages this hardcover publication (including 3 inserted posters) gives each of Granser’s photographs its own space to unfold and to speak for itself in an exceptional way.

Stasis by Trine Søndergaard, Hatje Cantz

On 156 pages with 94 images, the publication gives a comprehensive insight into the works of Danish photographer Trine Søndergaard (*1972). The artist explores emotions that exceed the frame of the photographic image and thus reveals the limits of this medium. In her new book entitled Stasis, Søndergaard presents three series that repeatedly record what cannot be captured in the sole image – in varying ways. Stasis enfolds a visual universe in which contrary objects and different temporal layers stand side by side, as if they were one. Portraits of young women in traditional clothing are combined with photographs of abandoned manor houses and represent an entity that goes beyond the past, present, reality and fiction.

’J’ai perdu ma tête’ by Peter Granser, Edition Taube
’J’ai perdu ma tête’ by Peter Granser, Edition Taube (inside view)
’Stasis’ by Trine Søndergaard, Hatje Cantz

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