Road to Nowhere


What better way to celebrate summer in the city than by looking at two publications that take you out of that city. In this week’s library post, we look at two photography books that will take you on a journey to places undesiriable and overlooked, starting with Germany’s Brandenburg and then moving further a field to America’s West. Featuring publications from Drittel Books and Steidl.

Brandenburg by Andreas Gehrke, Drittel Books

The latest book from Berlin-based photographer Andreas Gehrke leads us to Brandenburg; a scarcely populated region that surrounds the German capital. For over six years Gehrke, who has shown interest in photographing the bleak and desolate in previous works, photographed the forgotten places, shops, and structures of the area, capturing the empty footprints of the past, and possibly the present. Shot on analogue format, Gehrke’s documentary approach to photographing the area is not one of nostalgia, but rather with an eerie detachment; almost as though he knows a sinister secret about these unsuspecting locations that we do not. Brandenburg acts as an accurate and yet, fantasized documentation of a German district that is seldom shown.

The New West by Robert Adams, Steidl

This re-edition of legendary photography Robert Adams’ landmark series, The New West, is still as stunning and relevant today as it was back in 1974. Widely regarded as a classic photographic series, The New West is a photographic essay about the vast American West landscape and what came to fill it. Now seen as a commentary on American culture and society, the publication, which the re-edition marks the fortieth anniversary of the series, looks at how consumerism has shaped, damaged, and influenced the great American landscape and the everlasting impact man has had on it. The New West now features new scans from the series as well as a foreword by John Szarkowski and an introduction by Robert Adams.

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