Highs & Lows


This week’s Library looks at two books that could not be further apart from one another. On one hand, you have a publication that is solely focused on looking up and the other one looking towards the wide-open plains of the desert. Featuring Walther König and Cabinet.

Concorde by Wolfgang Tillmans, Walther König

“For the chosen few, flying Concorde is apparently a glamorous but cramped and slightly boring routine while to watch it in air, landing or taking off is a strange and free spectacle, a super modern anachronism and an image of the desire to overcome time and distance through technology.” – Wolfgang Tillmans. Originally published in 1997 and now on its fifth edition, Concorde is one of Tillmans’ most iconic body of works, consisting of 62 color photographs of the Concorde taking off, landing and in flight. Presenting no other text than the short description in the inner-cover, Concorde depicts the mystery, phantasy and devastation that surrounded the airplane, from the view-point that the majority of us could only experience it from.

Cabinet 63: The Desert edited by Sina Najafi, Cabinet

Venturing down a slightly different path for the next publication, we turn our attention to the New York-based award-winning non-profit magazine of art and culture, Cabinet. Looking at what is meant by the words “art” and “culture”, Cabinet offers an in-depth exploration within each issue, compiling leading international journalists, scientists, philosophers, artists and historians contributing essays, interviews and a plethora of multi-disciplinary projects. Cabinet 63 features a special curated section on “The Desert”, focusing on the landscape which is often paired with emptiness and adventure. Featuring contributions from Maria Golia, Margaret Spelling, Volker Welter and Jonathan Randall.

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