Behind the Gloss


In this "Library" post, we take a closer look at two new photography books that go behind the surface of the fashion world’s well-kept, glossy exterior. Featuring photography legend, Mario Testino and his new book Sir, and American photographer Hadley Hudson with Persona, the two publications show the real-side to the models in front of the camera.

Sir By Mario Testino, Taschen

Dedicating his entire career to photographing the fashion world’s beautiful people, French portrait and fashion photographer Mario Testino has worked with the world’s most celebrated publications such as Vogue, V Magazine, Vanity Fair and has snapped the industries leading super models over the past three decades. Now in his largest book-to-date, Sir, Testino turns his attention to the men. Presenting a whopping 300 photographs, the publication looks at how men have been captured over the years, and how men are now looking at themselves. Working with famous faces such as David Bowie, Mick Jagger, George Clooney, Colin Firth and Brad Pitt, Sir also includes anonymous models and unknown passersby. Observing from the other side of the lens, Sir addresses modern masculinity in its quest to define male identity.

Persona by Hadley Hudson, Hatje Cantz

For the past nine years, Munich-based fashion photographer Hadley Hudson has been photographing models in their own homes. What started off as a regular photography job, Hudson quickly became intrigued by the intimate setting of the shoot, and was fascinated by how much the models’ personalties shone through the private settings of their homes. Travelling to apartments in New York, to squats in London, to flat shares in Berlin and Vienna, Persona gives a rare glimpse into the private lives of an industry that prides itself on its glossy exterior. Taking its name from the Greek word for mask, Persona is a must for the fashion and photography lovers who want to see behind-the-scenes.

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