A Little Inspiration


In our first Library post we gave you some tips on how to start your collection without breaking the bank. Perhaps now it is time for some inspiration! So let’s have a look at some great collectors of the past and what their art collection looks like.

The Art of Collecting: An Intimate Tour Inside Private Art Collections with Advice on Starting Your Own by Diane McManus Jensen

This book, published in 2010, provides in depth interviews with 23 collectors, amongst them David Rockefeller and Scott M. Black. Photographs accompany the interviews, so you get to peek behind closed doors and have a look at the collections yourself. This means, for instance, that you’ll be able to find out which Monets hang in Rockefeller’s staircase. Diane McManus Jensen has also included 15 essays offering information about the more practical sides of collecting such as the correct lighting and insurance.

Great Collectors of Our Time: Art Collecting since 1945 by James Stourton

This is said to be the first major survey of contemporary collecting and collectors since Douglas Cooper’s book Great Private Collections from 1963. James Stourton, the former chairman of Sotheby’s UK, provides a series of biographical sketches of - as the title already indicates - great collectors since 1945. He mainly focuses on the major collectors from Europe and the USA like Peggy Guggenheim and George Costakis but he has also included a section dedicated to the East.

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