’33 Artists in 3 Acts’ by Sarah Thornton

A Glimpse Into the Mind of Creatives


Artists and cultural producers open up new perspectives and establish unknown connections. They write and visualize worlds that would otherwise most probably remain hidden to us. But how does it look like inside the heads of these artists and what does it actually mean to think creatively? The following two publications address these questions and give insights into some curious minds working in contemporary art today.

Think Like Clouds by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Badlands Unlimited

How does someone as busy and active as Hans Ulrich Obrist keep track of and structure his endless, impulsive thoughts? The publication Think Like Clouds portraits the curator’s seemingly restless mind by collecting diagrams, notes, and drawings he has made throughout his career. Obrist, being one of the most involved personalities in today’s art world, can look back onto twenty-two years of working with artists, architects and academics. During meetings and interviews with these creatives, he took countless notes, covered with mazy doodles. Think Like Clouds brings these colorful scribbles together, which are much more than just records of past encounters, but tiny artworks themselves. The work is introduced by Paul Chan and accompanied by an essay by Michael Diers.

33 Artists in 3 Acts by Sarah Thornton, W. W. Norton & Company 

In her latest book, writer and sociologist Sarah Thornton addresses the question of what it means to be a successful artist in the art world. A question that is rightfully asked as the sphere of art is marked by subjectivity and intangibility - yet is being structured by objective market criteria. In the course of a four-year research period, Thornton traveled the world to interview 103 artists of whom she chose 33 to talk about in her book. According to the author, these artists were the most “open, articulate and honest” ones, who share great insight into their distinct creative process. Considering aspects of politics, kinship and craft, Thornton takes a closer look at how artists such as Ai Weiwei, Laurie Simmons or Yayoi Kusama perceive the role of their own profession. 33 Artists in 3 Acts is a sociological and truly personal account of what it really means to be an artist.

’33 Artists in 3 Acts’ by Sarah Thornton
’Think Like Clouds’ by Hans Ulrich Obrist

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