Sherry & Joel Mallin

Interview with Sherry & Joel Mallin

Buckhorn Sculpture Park – New York, United States of America

What was the first piece of artwork you purchased, and when was this?
It was a woodcut by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, purchased in 1960.

Why do you collect?
I think that collecting may be genetic. Sherry and I are passionate collectors and we are driven to collect.

Does your collection follow a concept or a specific theme?
We do not have a wish list as such, but we have found that the work we buy fits into one of our four broad themes embodied in the collection. The themes include "Life and Death", "Memory", "Perversion and Beauty" and "Visual Meditation".

Who are the artists you are currently following?
George Condo, Liza Lou, Andy Goldsworthy, Robert Gober, Jong Oh, Chuck Close and Mike and Doug Starn.

Do you have a personal relationship with the artists you collect?
We prefer to purchase an artwork before we meet the artist. It’s only after we have acquired one or more works that we generally arrange to meet the artist. Saying that, we have close personal relationships with many of the artists that we collect.

Why did you decide to make your collection publicly accessible?
Collectors love a captive audience and Sherry and I enjoy sharing our addiction with the public. We personally docent all the visitors to our collection.

Which publicly accessible private collection would you recommend visiting?
The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse in Miami and Rosa and Carlos' de la Cruz Collection, also in Miami.

Sherry & Joel Mallin
(l–r) Melanie Manchot, ’With Mountains’, The Billboard, 1999; Ugo Rondinone, ’Hell, Yes!’, 2000

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