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Interview with Rebecca Russo

Videoinsight - Turin, Italy

What was the first art work you bought and when?
I don't remember what the first art work was that I bought. All the art works in my collection belong to the same time: the one of my unconsciousness! Each work is present, past and future! Every art work is eternal and universal, because it expresses means about the primary needs of humanity.

Why do you collect?
Life is a collection of moments, experiences, meets, stories, travels, problems, imaginations, and changes. In my existence, my contemporary art collection represents the evolution of my perceptions, thoughts, emotions, developments, dreams, problems, solutions, and insights. Every art work that I have chosen is part of me: it's inside my personality, in my mind, in my heart, in my unconscious.

Does your collection follow a concept or a specific theme?
I am a collector and a clinical psychologist. I have created the Videoinsight Collection: a contemporary art work selection with high psychological meaning and impressive psycho-diagnostic and psychotherapeutic potential. I have introduced the contemporary art works from this collection in the process of psycho-diagnosis and psychotherapy according to the Videoinsight concept and method that I have developed. The Videoinsight Method has also been applied in medicine with significant results already published in international scientific journals. In 2010 I founded the Videoinsight Center: an open space for psychological interaction with contemporary art work. It's destined for the public. In 2013 I founded the Art and Science Videoinsight Foundation to bring the art work in the world of medicine and health. 

Which artists do you follow at the moment?
I choose the art works that have a high Videoinsight impact, related to some themes I come across in my life every day. For this reason I don't follow some artists in particular, but I look at every art work of every artist finding some insights.

Do you have a personal relationship with the artists you collect?
I always have personal relationships with the artists that are present in the Videoinsight Collection. I look for this relationship only in the second moment, after having chosen their art works, after my intimate experience of interaction with the art works. I don't want to speak with the artist or anybody before my choice. I need to be alone, free, light, in silence when I look at a work. All information must come later. After my insight I am also interested in the history, the concept and the ideas of the artist.

Why did you decide to make your collection publicly accessible?
Art is life. Art is a humanity expression. Art can be helpful to everybody. Each work is a chance and a mystery that renews its meaning and its magical power every time that is seen by a new eye, new mind, new heart of the public. In the magical process of art the public is as important as the artist and the art work. The more the public is open to change the more art lives!

Which publicly accessible private collection would you recommend visiting?
I suggest seeing all collections that are accessible; because every moment spent looking at art is a wonderful potential chance to change and to improve yourself! True art can help, promote wellbeing, prevent disease, stimulate imagination and creativity, and influence your personality. Some contemporary art can heal.

The collection of Rebecca Russo is included in the second edition of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors which will be available in September 2013.

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