Sun Yuan & Peng YuT, ‘Angel’, 2008. Courtesy dslcollection and the artist
Dominique and Sylvain Levy
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The dslcollection is only ten years old, but the assemblage of 90-some Chinese contemporary artists is by no means lacking in depth. It features works by leading figures like Ai Weiwei and Zeng Fanzhi along side those of promising younger artists who carry the Chinese avant-garde tradition forward like Song Yuanyuan and Zhao Zhao. The collection shows its youth in the means by which it is disseminated to audiences around the globe: an extensive online platform cum virtual museum, an iPad app, 3-D films, and social media. In 2014, the collection released a book, which was also made available online for free. Spearheaded by Paris-based couple Dominique and Sylvain Levy, the dslcollection differs from many around the globe in its strict limitation on the no more than 250 artworks it can hold at any one time. Every year, a number of the works are sold to allow for new pieces. The collectors say the tactic allows them to be more dynamic and risk-taking in their acquisitions. As opposed to collections where works are accumulated in what eventually amounts to a timeline of a given collector’s taste, the Levys strive to constantly hone the collection’s focus on what’s relevant to its specific profile.

Alexander Forbes is a New York based art writer and critic, currently serving as Artsy’s News Editor. Prior to relocating to New York, Alexander was based in Berlin as the European Editor for artnet and German Bureau Chief for Louise Blouin Media.

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Gao Weigang, ‘No Way!’, 2013. Installation view. Courtesy dslcollection and the artist
Sun Yuan & Peng YuT, ‘Angel’, 2008. Courtesy dslcollection and the artist
Dominique and Sylvain Levy

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