Research for the Second Edition of the Art Guide

Looking for new collections

With the successful publication of the first BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors in June 2012, the outcome of a two-year research process was put on paper. For the team behind the guide it was clear that their work was not quite over yet, as a second volume would soon be needed; we all know how quickly things change in the art world. So during the last year, the team kept their eyes and ears open regarding information on new openings of private art collections and updates on the ones already covered in the guide. This meant paying attention to new happenings within the collectors' scene mixed with internet-based research and networking.

The "strategy" paid off and 49 new private art collections are now extending the list of the initial more than 170 collections in the second edition of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors. A number that not only surprised us but also made us happy. To ensure a coherent concept of the book, each new entry had to be evaluated according to the criteria of the first publication: is the collection privately owned but publically accessible, does the collection show mostly contemporary art, etc. This was a task that may sound easier than it was, especially when it came to personally contacting collections on the other side of the world. However, in the end, all of our favored candidates cooperated with us and will be part of the second edition.

The 49 new collections were not featured in the first edition, partially because they were very private about their art, and only through personal contact agreed on being a part of the follow-up publication. Also, some of the new collections, like the Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo, only opened after the first book had come out. And we are especially happy about the fact that some collections proactively approached us, e.g. the Castello di Ama per l'Arte Contemporanea in Italy, to be part of the guide. 

Of course we came across interesting new facts during our ongoing research. One of them being that the USA, a country of many collectors, has comparably few private art collections with public access. The reason for this can be read in one of the "Shorties" which are short texts about our research findings included in the guide. A small hint: in the USA you will find a great deal of museum wings named after their founders.

We are proud to extend the first volume by 49 new, very exciting collections from six very different countries: Bangladesh, New Zealand, Sweden, Israel, Norway and Singapore. In total there are now 218 collections featured in the second BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors which will be available in September 2013. And the search goes on....

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