Creating a Visual Variety

Image research for the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors

As art is a visual experience it was especially important for us to find the right images to bring out the best of the content of the second edition of the guide.

With the research phase behind us, the team met up for a workshop in a cottage in southern Germany in early May. All in all 1,482 images, which had been gathered within the last year, were spread out on the floor, tables and pinned to all available walls. To speed up the decision making process, all portraits of collectors were "laid off the table" first. Additionally the remaining images were categorized according to country, place and collection.

After several hours of back and forth, we somehow managed to narrow the initial 1,482 images down to 57, with 223 pictures remaining in the "maybe" category for potential further use. These images were all selected according to aesthetic and content-based criteria: concerning the image composition how art works - if included - are shown, and an overall balanced mix of images displaying architecture and art works.

Taking layout specifications into consideration, we are currently working with a number of around 80 images that mirror the diversity of the second edition of the guide. The reader will find images of art against bare walls of a former slaughterhouse, baroque-looking sculptures within a contemporary setting and especially more green, as many images depict art works in a "natural surrounding". A few images stayed the same as in the first edition, some changed slightly - but all in all there is a great new visual variety to be discovered

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