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Collecting Art with François Pinault

Rudolf Stingel at Palazzo Grassi

View of the entrance of Palazzo Grassi in Venice
View of the entrance of Palazzo Grassi in Venice

We recently found an interesting article about François Pinault in the Wall Street Journal. In the realm of contemporary art, Pinault might be one of the most powerful art collectors. The Wall Street Journal mentioned that Pinault has fully immersed himself in the world of contemporary art and regularly visits artists' studios and surrounds himself with advisors while visiting galleries. In just a few years time he has managed to assemble one of the largest private art collections in Europe. During the short period that he has been collecting Pinault also opened two private museums in Venice, Italy. First came Palazzo Grassi in 2006 and later the 4500-square-meter Punta della Dogana, both of which we have included in the first volume of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors. An additional auditorium named Tetrino has also opened in Venice in the beginning of June.

For the first solo-exhibition at Palazzo Grassi, which opened on the 7th of April, New York-based artist Rudolf Stingel was chosen. Pinault has been following the conceptual work by 1956 born Stingel for more than a decade and over time the artist and collector became friends. The exhibition consists of works belonging to Pinault, Stingel and a few other private collectors. For more information on the Rudolf Stingel exhibition currently on view at Palazzo Grassi click the link below.

Images by Dalbera, CC Licence Info, via Flickr

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